4 Ways to Fight Human Trafficking...Right Now.

Do you have a passion to fight human trafficking? Here are 4 things you can incorporate into your daily life to recognize and respond to modern-day slavery:

1. Learn the signs of human trafficking. Awareness is the first step to opening our eyes to the trafficking and exploitation happening around us. Odds are, you have met someone that has been, is, or will be trafficked. We simply lack the knowledge to identify them.

2. Put the National Human Trafficking Hotline phone number into your cell phone. If you see something suspicious or a red flag of exploitation, file a report.

3. Get to know those most vulnerable in your community. Is there a homeless person that sleeps nearby the coffee shop you visit almost every day? Is there a child begging on a street corner that seems much too young to be left unattended? Are there advocacy organizations in your community that work with the hungry, at-risk youth, or immigrants? Get to know the people in your community. Strike up a conversation with them, offer to share a meal with them (seriously--sit down and eat with your homeless neighbor. Listen to their story intentionally!), and learn what their needs are, how they deal with vulnerability, and ways you can respond. This is a collaborative way we can work to end human trafficking for good.

4. Sign up for a Let My People Go Experience! Join us in New York City for a 3 or 5-day immersive missions trip for on-site training to identify, understand, and respond to human trafficking by loving vulnerable people. Contact us on our website if you have more questions, or comment on this article!

For more on Let My People Go, our mission and ways we can partner with your church to fight human trafficking by loving those most vulnerable, contact us on our website! We would love to connect with you.