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When a Boyfriend Turns Out to Be a Pimp

In 2008 Iryna, a 19-year-old girl living in New York City, was approached by a charismatic young man at a subway station. He asked for directions, but continued to ask about her life. The young brunette was charmed. He asked her for a date, and the romance intensified. Little did Iryna know that he was a pimp on the prowl.

How to Avoid (or Not Avoid) Your Neighbor

"Love your neighbor!" After I concluded the service, I made my way home. As I climbed the stairs to exit the subway, I saw him: a man appearing to be homeless. In this moment, it was as if I had heard two voices. One was the faint, defeated voice of the man asking for change. The other was a more familiar voice, reciting the remnants of that morning’s sermon. “Don’t be the priest or the Levite who walked by, but be ‘the one who showed him mercy’” (Luke 10:37).

Finding Hope in the Fight Against Human Trafficking

"I don't want this to happen to someone else, "Shandra said as she recalled her story. After losing her job as a financial analyst, due to an economic turndown in her native Indonesia, 25-year-old Shandra Woworuntu was desperate.

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Sex Trafficking: One Click Led NYC Church to Action

It all started in a Facebook community group. It could've ended there but something happened that changed everything. 

He recognized her face...


Inside New York's Bustling but Unseen World of Human Trafficking

Human trafficking cases in New York City are up 50% this year with documented cases totaling 84 in comparison to last year's 55. The same goes for trafficking-related arrests, according to the NYPD. What is being done and what can be done against this exploitation?


NYPD Adding Dozens of Officers to Human Trafficking Unit

Trafficking cases were up from about 1,575 reports in 2015 to more than 1700 last year. Police said Wednesday they're also beefing up training to ensure officers can recognize the signs of a trafficking victim and can respond with compassion.




Let My People Go

Few causes spark agreement on both sides of the aisle, or unite people of faith and secularism, like the human trafficking crisis that enslaves approximately 45.8 million people around the globe. But if you ask someone how they feel about those who are prostituted, homeless, and undocumented in their communities, their responses may be different — even hostile.

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