Let My People Go realizes that you are busy. For this reason, we have created resources that can empower you as you serve. The videos and book reviews are concise and curtailed to the needs of those leading in the local church. Use and share these resources with your churches, ministries, and networks to get others engaged in this important discussion.


Book Reviews

Through rich theological exposition, Chester builds a case for the church to be involved in Gospel-driven social engagement.  This book is a must read for church leaders who want to teach on Biblical justice and mercy. 

Using the Parable of the Good Samaritan, Keller outlines how the Gospel can motivate the church to practically love the vulnerable in their communities. This book is essential for anyone thinking through developing a justice and mercy ministry in their church. 

This book is a practical step-by-step guide for churches to develop a justice and mercy ministry that is team-based, innovative, and collaborative. The Let My People Go Network uses this as one of the guides for our church partners.

The Let My People Go Network strongly believers in empowering those most vulnerable. Corbett and Fikkert explain how the church can empower the vulnerable without hurting the poor or yourself. This book is a must read for anyone engaging in mercy ministry. 

Olasky gives historical insight to the tragedy of the social gospel, capturing timeless truths that Christians have employed since the 18th century.  How do you exercise compassion in a way that is empowering and aligned with the truths of Scripture?

For the local church, the work of justice and mercy can be exhausting.  Without the proper motivation, our efforts will fail to stand the test of time. Mockingbird Press has given a gift to the church in this book, giving us the practical tools needed to consistently rest in the Gospel as our motivation for loving God and our neighbors.